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If this is your first time here, welcome!

You’re probably wondering what this blog is all about, and whether you will want to be a regular reader. I hope you will!

I write for women (mostly empty nesters) who want to be informed, intrigued, and involved.

Informed about what’s going on in today’s world and about how life is supposed to go now that the kids are gone.

Intrigued about interesting topics that touch their lives and pique their curiosity.

Involved in their lives so that they are dynamically challenged to live life with joy and expectation.

With these things in mind, I want to offer you a look at the world from a very specific focus: one of women who have previously defined themselves as being mommies and now find themselves childless.

Well, hopefully not completely childless, because family is very important to us. But without children in the home 24/7. Yours may be married, in college, or just out on their own. Mine are all three of these things.

I’m fortunate.

I get to watch my two youngest (out of eleven!) grandchildren while their patents work. But if you don’t have grandchildren (yet) or your children live far away, you’ll find solace here. Because for seven years I was apart from my children when my husband and I went to Russia as missionaries. My oldest grandchildren were born during this time, and I didn’t get to be present at their births. (sad face)

Now that we’re back in the United States for good (unless God calls us elsewhere), I enjoy my grandchildren and my children, but am happy living alone with my husband and our dog. We have new traditions, some of which do not include our family. But we still find some holidays hard—like Christmas—because we were so used to children waking us up at 4:00 am to go unwrap presents. Still, we’re learning a new way to celebrate.

And I want to be friends with you.

Will you share your life with me? Your comments and suggestions are so very welcomed here!