Hello friend!

hello-friendWe are so glad that you have decided to join us!

This is a brand new blog, launched in February, 2017. In it you will find posts on all things related to those who are couples alone again, after the kids are grown and gone. But if you’re single, rest assured that there’s plenty here for you, too!

We want you to feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts, your joys, and your fears. We’ve all been there or are there now, so just know that you are among friends. Feel free to comment about what’s going on in your life, and we’ll share our lives with you.

This is a community. If you’d like to see a conversation on a particular topic, please let us know. We want to meet your needs and have fun doing it with you!

Your spiritual, social, and intellectual interests are important to us. If you have an idea for a post or a page, we want to hear about it. What things interest you? Faith? Family? Traditions? Recipes? There are a lot of things that we each know that can contribute to the health and happiness of others.

That’s what community is about.

You are the most important part of this one. This blog is about and for you, so please let us hear from you. You can contact us for any reason at all, and we solemnly promise to respond. Just let us know.

Got a story to share?

We want to hear from you. Although everyone’s story is different, we can learn from each other and know that we’re not alone on this journey called life. It’s meant to be shared, and your story may be just the thing someone else needs to hear.

Let us know how we can collaborate with you.


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